Sunday, 16 February 2014

Is it time for Larry Fine to go to print?

Last September when I published The Fine Art of Boxing – No Stooge in the Ring, I was convinced the global print industry – magazines, newspapers and books – was on the wane, on the fast road to oblivion. So I opted for releasing my first fiction as an e-book.

Less than six months later, upon reflection, I believe that move may have been somewhat premature. It appears most of my friends, associates and those, with whom I do business, still opt for the more tangible book form. Few have purchased e-readers, with many of them having never read an e-book.

Something tells me hard cover and paperback books will still be around when I am not. There may be lesser numbers perhaps but they will be here in homes, libraries, schools, offices and perhaps even book stores.

So with that in mind, I am contemplating the possibility of releasing my alternative history of Larry Fine in paperback form.

First I need to determine whether this is an affordable move – essentially whether there would be enough potential sales out there to merit the expense of print publication.

My question to readers – are you interested in seeing The Fine Art of Boxing – No Stooge in the Ring in print? The cost would be $15 plus shipping costs. I estimate that 200+potential customers would make it a worthwhile venture – break even most likely.

So this time around, sounding more like a salesperson than an author, I’m giving you my email address – for your opinion. I’ll keep count of the responses and in about a month, make a decision on whether to pursue print or just leave Larry in e-book form.


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