Saturday, 1 February 2014

Trying: Thistle production far from a Trying productioin

Trying features only two characters. One is an irascible, stubborn, terminally argumentative old former judge and U.S. political figure who insists on perfection even though his failing body and mind repeatedly continue to thwart him in his lifelong quest.
The other is a 25-year-old no-nonsense upstart secretary from the Canadian West whose motto in life is simply to ‘lace up the skates’ and get straight to work.
It’s the kind of production that’s arguably tailor-made for the always adventurous Thistle Theatre Company out of Embro. With an abundance of dialogue that bristles with both humour and pathos, the two actors in question John Butcher and Julia LaCasse have a theatrical field day with the work, offering up two splendidly crafted performances, aided most effectively by the fine, steady-handed guidance of veteran director Harold Arbuckle.  More…….

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