Saturday, 8 February 2014

Inoculated against Motor City madness

by Geoff Dale, special to QMI Agency
Illustration by Paul Lachine

Patience wears thin for stressed-out residents waiting nearly an hour for police to respond to their frantic calls in an insolvent Toronto.
Retired city employees in fiscally collapsed London and Montreal bemoan the prospect of radically cut pensions, as they wander along city landscapes dotted by more than 78,000 abandoned structures and streets, only 40% of them with adequate lighting.
What may seem like bleak scenarios lifted from an apocalyptic sci-fi blockbuster are real indeed, only they belong in a bankrupt Detroit, not Canada. It was July 18 when the once mighty Motown, crippled by long-term debts estimated at $18 billion to $20 billion US, filed for bankruptcy and Chapter 9 protection.
It will never happen in this country, say economists, political pundits and former big city mayors such as Toronto’s John Sewell (1978-80) and Art Eggleton (1980-91).

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