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Larry Fine now on Goodreads

Larry Fine now on Goodreads 
WOODSTOCK, ON – To give my book The Fine Art of Boxing – No Stooge in the Ring some more exposure, I've started posting some information about it and me on the Goodreads site at https://www.goodreads.com/author/dashboard.
Goodreads is a social cataloging website founded in December 2006 and launched in January 2007 by Otis Chandler and Elizabeth Chandler. The website’s user base now stands at more than 20 million members
My book: Larry Fine, the frizzy- haired, wild-eyed, middle man of the global phenomenon known as The Three Stooges looks proudly at the boxing championship belt he’s just won, one month shy of the great Depression.
Is it a literary slice of revisionist entertainment history – perhaps?
Captured by Canadian writer Geoff Dale, its Larry’s moment of fistic triumph in the ring in a new book – The Fine Art of Boxing – No Stooge in the Ring – an intriguing blend of fiction and non-fiction with a big ‘what if’ thrown in for good measure.
‘I thought it was an intriguing idea’ said Eric Lamond, Larry’s eldest grandchild. ‘The book is an interesting look at a life if Larry had pursued a different path.’
Lamond, director of marketing with Los Angles based C3 Entertainment, Inc. The Three Stooges® brand owner, says even though the premise is mostly fiction, it shines another light on Larry’s many talents – as a gifted violinist, a versatile comic/singer/dancer that, during his vaudeville days, had the likes of the great Al Jolson laughing with delight and, of course, his rarely explored prowess in the ring as an amateur boxer.
The story covers his early life in Philadelphia as an inquisitive youngster on the look-out for the bright lights, through his years on stage and in the ring, up to the ‘fictional moment’ in September 1929 when he fought for the world championship in the Big Apple.
Some of the tale is right out of the pages of his real life, while other moments, people and scenarios are based on supposition and even downright fiction. In the end it’s all about the great Larry Fine.

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